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Report a planned car cruise


If you would like to report an upcoming car cruise or similar event to us, you can do this online or by using our online web chat facility, which can be accessed by clicking the green button in the bottom right-hand corner (the icon with the speech mark with three dots in). If web chat is unavailable, please call us on 101.

Please make sure that you provide us with as much detail as possible. This could include a description of the people involved and where the car cruising is taking place.

If you think that there is a serious and immediate threat to life, please call us on 999.

Please do not put yourself in danger.  Officers will then gather evidence about your report.

Across Hertfordshire, we are working with local councils to use injunctions to ban car cruising. These injunctions define car cruising as the act of drivers meeting on the public highway on an organised or impromptu basis to race or show off in their cars. 

The court injunctions ban a number of activities and typically linked with car cruising, including speeding, racing or driving in convoy, performing stunts, obstructing the highway, excessive noise, and causing the risk of harm to people or property.

Anyone who breaches the injunction risks being in contempt of court, for which they could face up to two years in prison and a fine.

Officers can also take action against individuals for traffic offences including driving without due care and attention, driving without insurance or driving an un-roadworthy vehicle. No insurance policy covers illegal street racing so many could be uninsured.

We would urge people not to take part in car cruising and be mindful of the possible nuisance such events can bring to neighbourhoods.

Drivers risk losing their vehicle or licence, a fine or even a prison sentence for their involvement in car cruises.  Any spectators who refuse to leave could also be arrested.

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