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Halo is our response to tackling child sexual exploitation (CSE) and is committed to implementing a CSE prevent strategy to ensure a shared approach in tackling the problem.

Halo has capacity to proactively target and disrupt those who are sexually exploiting young people, working closely with intelligence teams and allowing the targeting of resources to those most at risk and safeguard them, as well as disrupting and preventing the activities of individual’s intent on child sexual abuse and exploitation. 

We have a dedicated CSE co-ordinator, ensuring Herts officers and external partners are aware of current risks and trends, as well as providing training and guidance to those working in sectors such as education, sports, leisure, hospitality and the night-time economy. We are committed to ensuring business and industries such as hotels, transport, security, retail, leisure and hospitality staff are equipped with the relevant knowledge and information to ensure that they can spot the signs of child sexual abuse and exploitation, and harmful sexual behaviour, and respond appropriately. Halo leads our response to raising awareness to children and young people, professionals, families and the community about what child sexual exploitation is and where to get help.

Call 101 and ask for Halo’s CSE Coordinator if you want to discuss how we can help you with CSE awareness or guidance.

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