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Alcohol and nights out

ChristmasDuring the festive period we know that many people will be out in our town centres enjoying a few drinks and celebrating Christmas. We want people to have an enjoyable, and safe, night out.

Drinking too much alcohol can have devastating consequences on your life and could lead you into trouble with the police. 

Binge drinking changes your normal behaviour – it can make you more aggressive and more likely to commit a crime.

Alcohol can also diminish your senses.

Alcohol can also diminish your senses and make you more vulnerable to becoming a victim of crime.

Consider how you would rather spend your Christmas: would you prefer to be surrounded by your friends and family eating a huge dinner, or sat alone in a cell knowing that you’ve destroyed the celebrations of those closest to you? Know your limits, and stick within them. Do not drink excessively

Excessive drinking can: 

  • Increases the likelihood of you becoming a victim of crime.
  • Increase the likelihood of you committing a crime.
  • Result in you being handed an £80 fine by police officers or spending a night in the cells.
  • Result in serious injury or death.

Did you know? 

  • You can get an £80 fine for urinating in the street.
  • You could lose your job because you’ve got a criminal record after fighting when you were drunk.
  • You’re less in control if you’re drunk and more vulnerable to being a victim of crime, including having your wallet or mobile phone stolen, being assaulted or even sexually assaulted.
  • It takes you longer to react so you could be knocked down in a road traffic collision. 

The simple message is to think before you drink and to know your limits.

Drink responsibly Do not drink excessively

You can still enjoy alcohol but it’s important to drink responsibly to stay safe. 

Remember you can still have a great night out if: 

  • You alternate alcoholic drinks with soft or low alcohol ones.
  • Drink more slowly.
  • Consume alcohol with food.
  • You don’t drink when you are stressed. 

Tips for a safe, great night out 

If you are going out to drink, remember the following: 

  • Leave the car at home and use public transport or book a licensed taxi.
  • Use a taxi marshalling scheme if there's one in your town - Stevenage, Hertford, St Albans and Watford.
  • Know your limits and drink sensibly. Stop when you know you have had enough.
  • Make sure you and your friends all look after one another and all get home safely.
  • Avoid confrontation – walk away instead. 


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