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Let's talk about it

Let’s Talk About It is an initiative designed to provide practical help and guidance to the public in order to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism.

Let’s Talk About It has been created to provide a greater understanding of the support Prevent can offer and to challenge division and negativity in our communities through positive and effective attitude changes. By highlighting the issues and initiating discussions around the potential threats we face as a community, we can create greater understanding and wider awareness.

Our aim is to work together to focus on three key core areas:

  • Building close relationships between our schools and universities, prisons, places of worship, health services, children’s services, community groups, charities and other institutions;
  • Challenging extremist ideology by working closely with local and national agencies, partners and our communities; and
  • Supporting vulnerable individuals through intervention projects.


There are many different types of individuals, organisations and institutions that may be targeted by extremist groups.

They may try to take advantage of these individuals or institutions as a way to share their story with others, particularly with people who may be vulnerable to their messages.

Let’s Talk About It advocates the value of a strong and united community, prioritising the need for consistent awareness of the threat of radicalisation to become a part of our daily lives.

Visit 'Lets Talk about It' for more information.

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