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Useful links

Further help and information can also be found from other agencies and organisations.

Let’s Talk About It

Let's Talk About It is a website created to signpost members of the public and partner agencies to a wealth of information regarding radicalisation, internet safety, giving safely. 

Prevent Tragedies

Prevent Tragedies is a national UK police and partners website that provides guidance, practical support and useful contacts for families who may be concerned that loved ones are at risk of radicalisation. It also hosts material on our latest Syria publicity campaign which highlights steps that can be taken early on to protect our young people before they have started to consider travelling to Syria.

Get Safe Online

Get Safe Online is the UK’s premier source of information and advice for the public and small businesses on keeping safe and secure online.

It is joint initiative between the Government, National Crime Agency and other law enforcement agencies, and private sector organisations from the worlds of technology, communication, retail and finance, Get Safe Online offers free, impartial, easy-to-follow advice via its website, media and outreach activities and network of partners.


Families Against Stress and Trauma (FAST) Established in 2007, is a UK-based organization that was created to help families affected by a loved one travelling to Syria and Iraq. They provide support to vulnerable families and individuals because they understand the pain and distress it causes to those left behind. FAST believes that families matter and families make a difference.

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