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Cold calling by advertisers

Following some reports about businesses and organisations being approached to place advertisements in various ‘police’ publications (for example) diaries or magazines, we are advising caution before agreeing to part with your money.

There are some legitimate media companies who sell advertising space on behalf of police forces and other public sector organisations and charities but if you are in any way concerned, or need to be sure the ad offers value for money: 

  • Check with the organisation the company says they are working for that they are using a third party to sell advertising space and ask them to name the company and give contact details.  Their Corporate Communication, Press Office or Crime Prevention Departments should be able to confirm this. You can call 101 and confirm with the Partnership Funding Unit.
  • Ask where the publication is being distributed and check with at least one of the outlets named that they know of and are expecting the publication.
  • Do not feel pressured into agreeing to buy advertising space.  If the caller becomes demanding or aggressive, simply end the call.
  • You could do your own research by checking for the publication and/or company details on the internet – if they do not have a webpage or the webpage looks very amateur, it may not be a legitimate company.

Currently, we are not using any third party to sell advertising space and we do not approach companies ourselves to advertise in publications.

Local businesses may be approached for sponsorship by us or for donations to the registered charity Herts in Trust but if you think a call, email or letter is not genuine, please report it and ask for the person named in the correspondence or the Partnership Funding Unit where it can be confirmed.

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