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Security alarms

Residents can make their homes even safer by installing some security devices. There is now a variety of inexpensive security cameras and lights, which can be installed along with existing alarm systems.

Security alarms – the advice: 

Intruder alarms can be an excellent deterrent against burglary, as burglars don’t want to be seen or heard - time and noise are their enemies. Always set your alarm when leaving the house and if you don’t have, consider having one fitted. 

Security alarms – the technical bit: 

  • An alarm company should be affiliated to an inspectorate body, ie ‘NSI or ‘SSAIB’. * There are three types of intruder alarm systems available:
  • Monitored – which provide a police response via the alarm company
  • Speech dialler – which automatically calls pre-programmed key-holders
  • Audible only – which relies on neighbours and passers-by to react
  • External active alarm bell boxes (which have sounders and flashing lights) are required at the front and rear of the building to maximise the visual deterrent of the system, no matter what direction a burglar approaches from and regardless of whether it’s day or night time.
  • DIY intruder alarm systems are available, but are not eligible for an automatic police response.


Security cameras and lighting

Residents can make their homes more secure by following some basic crime prevention advice such as:

  • Consider installing a door bell camera, internal camera and/or monitored burglar alarm.
  • Install ‘dusk to dawn’ external lighting and use timer switches in your home to control internal lights, radios and a simulated TV.
  • Visit for discounts on security products. 

For more crime prevention advice visit and

Be a good neighbour and keep an eye out for unusual callers in your neighbourhood. Call the police if you see anyone acting suspiciously. Don’t be fooled by stories, criminals can be very plausible. You can make contact with your local Neighbourhood Watch scheme to find out what’s happening in your area and get useful help. Don’t be afraid to call the police at your local station or in an emergency dial 999. Keep a pen and some paper handy. The car number you jot down may be just what the police need to catch a burglar.

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