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Student advice

Here are some useful tips to help students keep themselves and their proprty safe.

Going out? Lock up and look out

  • Many burglaries happen because a door or window is left open
  • Don’t leave empty boxes outside your home which may alert a burglar that you may have something worth stealing
  • When your home is unoccupied use timer switches to make it appear your property is occupied.

Going out? Stay together

  • Plan your journey. Decide how you and your friends will get there and back
  • Make sure you arrange to go out in a group to get to know the area
  • Try not to put yourself at risk by taking shortcuts in the early hours or walking alone. Share a taxi or walk with a trusted friend
  • Install the Hollie Guard app on your phone - then if you feel threatened, shake or tap your phone to notify a chosen contact, pinpointing your location and sending audio and video evidence.

Going out? Hold onto your stuff

  • Only take the cash out that you need. Use a cash machine on campus or when out make sure you pick a cash machine that is in a busy well-lit area
  • Keep handbags closed, if someone grabs it let it go
  • Keep your purse or wallet out of sight and where possible in a zipped pocket or bag.

Bicycle security

  • Always lock bicycles by securing both wheels and the frame to an immovable object
  • Remove any lights and other detachable objects when leaving your bike
  • Choose a busy location with purpose built cycle posts to lock your bike
  • Register your bike on Bike Registera free online property database which police use to check stolen property. That way, if your bike does get stolen, you have more chance of it being returned to you.

Cars/Motorbikes/Scooters security

  • Never leave your keys in the ignition when parked up
  • Remove any items of value from your car
  • Park your car on campus or in a well-lit area
  • Use a steering lock if you have one
  • If you’re parking your motorbike or scooter leave your seat open so that thieves know there is nothing to steal.

Mobile phone security

  • Don’t walk down the street on your mobile phone, this advertises your phone to thieves
  • Record your IMEI number this can be obtained by dialling *#06# from your handset
  • Register your phone with your network operator. This makes barring easier if your phone is lost or stolen.

General safety advice for students

  • Contents Insurance - make sure you take out the relevant insurance before moving into University
  • Map of campus - get to know your way around safely
  • Personal alarm – these are available from many retailers
  • List of emergency contacts
  • Timetables for on and off campus bus and transport
  • Contact name and number of Student Union rep or Halls of Residence Officer
  • Contact numbers of recommended taxi firms from the Student Union or university
  • If you are living off campus make sure your accommodation has good quality window and door locks and a working alarm
  • Never share access codes to your house/flat/halls with non-residents and don’t let anyone in without checking their identity first
  • Frequently back up your data (university work, contact lists and photos) to an online back up service, memory stick or external hard drive
  • Find out the names and contact details of your Neighbourhood Policing Team.

Get more advice on preventing many crimes on our crime prevention pages.

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