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Mobile device security

You can help to keep your mobile devices safe from thieves, make it difficult for them to use by following this advice:

  • Register it on the free online database That way if it does get lost or stolen, police are able to return it to you if it is recovered.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and be alert when you are out and about.
  • Try not to use your device in very crowded places where it could be snatched.
  • Keep it with you at all times - and ALWAYS remove it from your vehicle when unattended. Thieves are opportunistic and won’t hesitate to try their luck with your car, leaving you with the cost and inconvenience of replacing your phone or tablet and potentially a broken car window.
  • Report a stolen phone or tablet to police and your network provider immediately. Your network can bar calls from a stolen phone as long as it's been registered. So don’t leave it until it’s too late, make sure you: 
  1. Register your phone with your network provider.
  2. Record your IMEI number and your phone number and keep these in a safe place separate from you phone. Your IMEI number (15 digit serial number) can be accessed by keying *#06# into most phones or by looking behind the battery of your phone.

Smart phones and tablets

As well as following all the steps detailed above - extra security is available for smart phones and tablets by installing a tracking application. These 'apps' are available from your device's application store and can help you locate lost phones/tablets or help police recover stolen devices using its GPS signal. Make sure your device is locked when not in use as tracking apps can be deactivated by thieves if the device is not locked

If your phone/tablet is stolen you should report it immediately. If it has a tracking application we may be able to locate your device and recover it if you report it quickly enough and provide your account log in details. 

Report it

If you are unlucky enough to have your mobile phone or tablet stolen, our leaflet has useful contact numbers and information.

Mobile phone or tablet theft is a crime and the police treat it very seriously. You need to report it.

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