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Financial abuse

Financial abuse is a recognised form of domestic abuse but, because it is not visible to anyone else, you may worry people will not believe you or take you seriously when you explain the situation you are in.

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There are many different ways a partner can exert financial control over you, including:
  • Making you account for every penny you spend and showing receipts
  • Not allowing you access to your own money
  • Running up debts in your name
  • Insisting all utility bills are in your name
  • Taking control of any welfare benefits you receive
  • Not allowing you to spend money on yourself or your children

You are experiencing financial abuse if you feel you partner is preventing you from having financial independence, and you might be worried or fearful about leaving the relationship in debt and with no money.
But there is help available, and there are people you can talk to – in confidence - who can explain how to access financial support, manage any debt and find somewhere new to live.

You are not alone, and domestic abuse services across Hertfordshire have experience in helping other women escape financial abuse.
Making the decision to leave a relationship is a difficult one, but help is available.

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