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We treat the issue of fly-tipping extremely seriously and work with local councils to prosecute anyone caught illegally disposing waste.
Fly-tipping, which can range from a single black rubbish bag to multiple loads of construction waste being dumped, can blight areas and seriously impact on the quality of life for people living near by.

It can threaten people’s health and the environment, and is costly to clear as well.

Fly-tipping carries a fine of £50,000 and a maximum sentence of five years.

Report it

All incidents of fly-tipping should be reported to your local council. However, if you see incidents of fly-tipping in progress then please dial 999 immediately. Please give as much information as you can and do not approach those responsible.

The Environment Agency has a statutory responsibility to investigate larger scale fly-tipping incidents where the waste may pose a serious risk to the environment and where the activity is linked to organised crime.

Help us prevent fly-tipping

If you give your waste to someone else to dispose of it for you, you have a duty of care to ensure that they are duly authorised to transport and dispose of it.

If you do not take reasonable steps to do this and your rubbish is subsequently fly-tipped, you may also be committing a crime.

  • Ask for their carrier's authorisation. You can check online or by telephone: 08708 506506.
  • Ask where the waste is going. Use the waste directory online to check legitimate sites.
  • Ask for a receipt detailing where the waste is going, vehicle details, carriers authorisation number - this is a legal obligation if you are in business and is good practice if you are a private householder.

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