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Stay safe at Halloween

During Halloween, officers from your Safer Neighbourhood Team will be carrying out extra patrols in your area to keep you safe.

Halloween can be a great and fun time, but for some people, it’s not an enjoyable day and they may get scared or frightened by other’s actions.

It is important to remember to be aware of your behaviour and to take the simple steps to remain safe.

If children (and parents) are planning to go trick or treating we ask that you consider the following advice to help you stay safe and not cause distress to others:

  • Never go trick or treating alone and always take an adult with you.
  • Don’t knock on the doors of strangers (or look out for signs that trick or treaters are welcome, such as Halloween decorations).
  • Keep your Halloween ‘tricks’ safe - damage to property or hurting someone is a crime. Threatening and abusive behaviour can amount to an offence too.
  • Remember road safety rules, particularly after dark.
  • Wear something bright so that drivers can see you.
  • If you are planning on hosting your own firework party make sure you tell all your neighbours, especially those with pets who may be affected by the noise.

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