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Missing people

It can be a distressing experience when someone goes missing, however it is important to take immediate action, especially if that person could be in danger.

If someone is missing and you are concerned, report them as missing to us via 101. If a child, vulnerable person or someone who may be at risk of coming to harm goes missing you should contact us immediately by calling  999.

Remember, you do not have to wait 24 hours before reporting them as missing.

First steps

  • Search their home or the place the person was last seen, in case the person is hiding or may have fallen and been injured. Remember that children can hide in very small space.
  • Look out for any notes or clues that may suggest where they may be.
  • Check to see if they have left you a message on your phone voicemail or email.
  • Contact family members, friends and the person’s place of work to verify that they are actually missing and not simply somewhere unexpected.
  • It may be helpful to keep a record in a notebook of what you have done (including all phone calls) and anything that seems out of the ordinary or suspicious, to assist us and help keep track of what still needs to be done.

Most people who go missing return or are found within 48 hours.

This document gives additional information on what to do if someone you know goes missing.

Accessing additional support

Do not be afraid to ask others for help and support. The charity Missing People may be able to provide you with some additional advice, support and assistance with publicity.

In some circumstances, Missing People may be able to assist by attempting to make contact with the missing person and communicate with them on your behalf.

Contact Missing People

116 000 (24/7 confidential freephone number)

If you have information about a missing person

If you have any information on the whereabouts of a missing person or you have been reported missing and wish to get in contact please call us via 101.

Alternatively, you can contact the charity Missing People via the contact details above.

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