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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the NATO summit.

Which roads will be closed, and how long for?

Please refer to the road closure map

I live on one of the roads which are going to be closed. Will I still be able to access my property?

Yes. Police officers from your Safer Neighbourhood Team will be contacting you directly to make arrangements for vehicle access. 

One of my relatives/friends lives on one of the roads which are going to be closed. Can I still visit them?

The road closures will prohibit all vehicular access for the duration of the event, apart from direct residents and emergency services. If possible, please rearrange your visit to another day however if that is not possible, please email us at providing your name, telephone number and the reasons for required access. 

What legislation are you using to close the roads?

We have been granted an Anti-Terrorism Traffic Regulation Order (ATTRO). We would like to stress that there is no intelligence to suggest that a terrorist attack in the vicinity is likely.  An ATTRO is a vital part of the contingency plan which enables us to police effectively, efficiently and proportionately. More information on ATTROs.

I’m on foot. Can I still use the pavements on the roads which are closed?

There will be a significant police presence stationed at the road closures throughout the event, so please approach an officer and they will be able to advise you.

I/one of my relatives/friends has daily visits from a personal carer or other vital service. Will they still be able to access my property?

Yes. If you are inside the road closures, a member of the local Safer Neighbourhood policing team will be in direct contact with you to discuss the logistics of this. 

What if there is an emergency such as a fire or medical episode?

The police, fire and ambulance services will be able to access the areas subject to road closures at all times. 

I often walk my dog in the grounds of The Grove. Will I still be able to do this during the event?

All public rights of way in the grounds of the hotel will be suspended between 11pm on 3 December and 8pm on 4 December. 

What is NATO and what does it do?

The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) consists of heads of state from 29 different countries. They promote democratic values by consulting and co-operating on defence and security-related issues in order to problem-solve, build trust and in the long term, prevent conflict. 

Which route will the heads of state be taking to The Grove, and what time will they arrive?

We cannot disclose this for security reasons however we can confirm they will arrive via motorcade with the assistance of a rolling road block managed by the Metropolitan Police Service. 

Will they be staying overnight at the hotel?

No, they will arrive and leave on the same day (4 December). 

Will the event garner lots of media attention?

Due to its nature the event is likely to attract international media interest and as such a media hub will be stationed at Watford Leisure Centre on Peace Prospect. Arrangements have already been made to safely and efficiently transport the media to and from the hotel with minimal impact on residents living nearby. 

What about refuse collection? How will my bin be collected?

You will need to speak to your local borough/district council regarding refuse collections. Their contact details can be found at the foot of the page.

I work inside the road closures – how will this affect me?

Your business/employer will be directly consulted by police officers from the Safer Neighbourhood Team in order to discuss your individual requirements and mitigate the impact. 

My child(ren) attend(s) a school within the road closures. How will this affect my family?

Police officers from the Safer Neighbourhood Team are directly consulting with schools and other organisations within the road closure zone in order toinform communications with parents, families and service users. 

I have a delivery scheduled for 3rd or 4th of December. Will this still be able to go ahead?

Where possible, we would advise scheduled deliveries to be rearranged. However if this is not possible, please email us at with your full name, telephone number and details of your query. 

I work/study at West Herts College. How will I access the site?

There will be no road closures adjacent to the college site however, you will not be able to travel into Watford via Hempstead Road so you will need to find an alternative route. 

I live on a narrowboat on the canal. How will this affect me?

The stretch of canal between Lock 74 (Lady Capels Wharf) and Lock 76 (Cassiobury Park), including the towpath, will be closed from 2pm on Monday 2 December until 9am on Thursday, 5 December. We are working in partnership with the Canal and River Trust and those moored on this stretch will be contacted directly to discuss their needs.  It has been suggested that narrowboats and other vessels inside the closures are moved further down the canal, outside of the closure, for the duration.

How much is this event going to cost the taxpayer?

The cost of policing the event will be submitted to central government for cost recovery and not the Hertfordshire taxpayer.

Why does the official notice of Road and Rights of Way Closures vary from those that have been published on the web site etc?

Road and Rights of Way closure orders cover the maximum period required to police this operation. While roads and rights of way covered under these closure orders can be fully closed for the duration of the period stated, they can also be opened and closed at different times within this period.

Our aim is to minimise disruption to the public by keeping roads and rights of way open as long as possible and to reopen them as soon as possible. This website will contain the most up to date details of the times for the roads and rights of way closures within the period covered by the closure notices.

Why does there have to be so much disruption for one meeting?

Inevitably an event of this size and status will cause some disruption in the local area and we thank residents and visitors for their patience whilst we facilitate the event. We hope that residents and businesses will feel well supported and see that we are out in number to make sure the inconvenience is kept to an absolute minimum. If you experience any issues during the event then please approach an officer at the scene, or alternatively contact us by calling 101, launching web chat or using our online reporting function.

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