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Social media

Social networking sites can be fun, interactive and a quick way to stay in touch with friends and family online.

Be careful what you put online

  • Review your privacy settings regularly - make sure only the people you want to know about you can read your profile and updates. Also, review where you are tagged in photos.
  • Be careful who you 'friend' online - some people may not be who they say they are, while others may say nasty or inappropriate things. Think twice before you allow someone to 'follow' you.
  • Don't give out personal details - for example, your date of birth or what school/college you go to. It's a good idea to put as little personal information as possible on social networking sites to avoid people knowing too much about you.
  • Think twice about the information you post online - for example, posting that you're off on holiday (and therefore your house may be empty) or that you have a brand new car. Other people could use this against you and you risk having your property stolen.
  • Carefully consider what photos you share online and what impression this gives (i.e. potential employers).

Specific information, help and advice on 'trolling' and cyberbullying and how to report online abuse to social networking sites.

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