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What is stalking and harassment?

Stalking is classed as any behaviour from another person which is persistent, unwanted and harassing, anything that causes you any kind of fear or anxiety.

It covers a wide range of activities including;

  • unwanted or malicious communication
  • assault
  • unwanted attention from somebody seeking a romantic relationship
  • violent predatory behaviour
  • sending gifts which are unwanted
  • persistently following someone
  • repeatedly going uninvited to their home
  • monitoring someone’s use of the internet,      email or other form of electronic communication
  • loitering somewhere frequented by the person
  • interfering with or damaging their property
  • watching or spying on someone
  • identity theft

Stalking is not a ‘one-off’ crime. It is a series of incidents which when taken in isolation can appear trivial but when put together they become more sinister. 

It can take place at home, online, at work or on a night out. Stalkers often use multiple methods of harassing their victims, but any such behaviour is illegal. 

In the vast majority of cases the victim will know the stalker however there have been cases where the victim does not know the offender. 

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