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Student safety

safer-studentsUniversity is a fun and exciting time but it's important that you look after yourself. We have a team of officers whose job involves specifically policing the University of Hertfordshire. This dedicated team is there to help keep you safe.

On this page, you will find information to help ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable time whilst at university.

Freshers' week 

This video explains the simple steps you can take to keep yourself safe at university.

To contact the University of Hertfordshire Policing team, email








 Uni police contact

Advice for victims of sexual and assault and rape

Nobody asks to be sexually assaulted or raped.

Did you know? If a person is too intoxicated to give their consent to sex – it’s rape.

If you’ve been raped or sexually assaulted, male or female, the Sexual Assault Reference Centre are here to help and you don’t have to involve the police.

Call free and in complete confidence:

Sexual Assault Referral Centre 24/7 Helpline: 0808 178 4448 or visit

Don’t fall for cyber extortion scams

  • Be wary of video chatting with strangers as they may record what you reveal and use it against you
  • Report any extortion attempts to the police
  • Report any extortion attempts to police via the non-emergency number 101

Advice for victims of hate crime

Being different is not a crime. Being victimised because of it is.

Hate crime is not acceptable. Don’t ignore it – report it.

What is a hate crime?

Have you ever been targeted for abuse because of who you are? If so, you may have been a victim of a hate crime.

A hate crime is any crime that is targeted against someone because of:

  • Their disability or learning difficulties
  • Their race or the colour of their skin
  • Their religion or beliefs
  • Their gender identity
  • Their sexual orientation

Almost any type of crime can be a hate crime. Attacking or harassing someone, damaging property, graffiti and even arson or murder could all be hate crimes.

Even if the abuse happened online, such as on Facebook or Twitter, it can still be a hate crime.

If someone has been targeted because of who they are but a crime has not occurred – or cannot be proven – this is called a ‘hate incident’.

People who have been targeted in hate incidents can feel upset, hurt or confused. Support is available to them to help them deal with the situation.

Remember, being different is not a crime. But if someone commits a crime against you because you are different, that is a hate crime.

Don’t ignore it – report it

You might think reporting hate crime is not important. It may be you’re embarrassed to discuss it, scared of reprisals, or had bad experience of reporting in the past.

But reporting a hate crime means that the police can do something about it.

If no one stops it, it could get worse or it could affect more people. Just think how many people could see offensive graffiti.

Hate crimes that are reported to police will be taken seriously and will be fully investigated. No information will be shared without your agreement and you will be treated with respect.

Anyone who commits a crime will get a heavier punishment if it is proved to be motivated by hate.


In Hertfordshire, the police have specially trained hate crime officers. They deal with victims of hate crimes and support anyone who has been affected by hate incidents.

How to report hate crime

You can report hate crime to police via 101.

If you would prefer not to go direct to police, there are other ways you can report it. You can go online at to report a hate crime, or you can go to one of the many third party reporting centres in your area.

In an emergency, always call 999.

Where you can report hate crimes locally

University of Hertfordshire
The Advice and Support Centre
Hertfordshire Students’ Union
University of Hertfordshire
College Lane, Hatfield, AL10 9AB


University of Hertfordshire
The Equality Office
University of Hertfordshire
College Lane, Hatfield, AL10 9AB


Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council
The Campus, Welwyn Garden City, AL8 6AE


Hertsmere Borough Council
Elstree Way, Borehamwood, WD6 1WA

Tel: 020 8207 2277


Community Action Hertsmere
2 Allum Lane, Elstree, WD6 3PJ

Tel: 020 8207 4504


Countrywide access to support:

Herts Help
Tel: 0300 123 4044


Beacon Victim Care Centre
Tel: 03000 11 55 55


Finding somewhere safe to live

PAL is a free and voluntary landlord and property accreditation scheme that aims to improve the standard of privately rented accommodation in Welwyn Hatfield.

The aim of the scheme is to signpost potential tenants (both student and non-student) to safe, well maintained accommodation.

Go to

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