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Advice for licensed premises

We are looking forward to a peaceful and enjoyable celebration of the UEFA Euro 2020™ football tournament in Hertfordshire and we have the plans in place to assist with this. There are measures that we would ask licensed premises to consider:

  • Additional use of SIA Door Staff.
  • Ensure your CCTV systems -  where fitted - are fully operative.
  • Use of plastic glasses/polycarbonate drinks containers.Beers
  • Regular litter/bottle collection and disposal during and after matches.
  • Adopting sensible drinks pricing policies, in particular no discounting, e.g. buy one get one free (applies equally to off-licence premises).
  • No “payment on entry and all drinks free” promotions.
  • Staff training to include legislation that prevents sale of alcohol to drunken persons.
  • Robust implementation of age check schemes.
  • Make sure the DPS or duty manager is working during UEFA Euro 2020™ fixtures. Ensure sufficient staff are working to cope with customer numbers.
  • Consider food and soft drink offers where appropriate.
  • If there is trouble at your premises, cease serving alcohol and call us immediately.
  • If you have to use glasses, then please ensure empties are collected regularly and broken glass is cleared quickly.
  • Ensure necessary COVID-19 safety measures are in place.

In addition, we ask that licensed premises please:

  • Liaise with our Police Licensing Officers prior to formal application for a Temporary Event.
  • Notices (TEN) on high risk/home team match days - albeit during 2021 normal licensed hours should amply cater for match coverage.
  • Notify the Police Licensing Officer in advance of any planned UEFA Euro 2020™ events type promotions, including the screening of live football matches.
  • Consider the co-ordinated closure of licensed premises in agreed localities, centres between afternoon and evening games. It is anticipated that requests would be made via existing forums such as Pub Watch or Night Time Economy Groups.

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UEFA Euro 2020™ groups

UEFA Euro 2020™ football showing the flags of the countries in the tournament

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