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Community Advisors

Get involved!  Help us to help you keep you safe.

Become a part of the wider policing family and help us to understand and respond to what matters to you and people in Hertfordshire.

We are committed to building and maintaining good day-to-day, working relationships with all of the county’s diverse communities. 

Identifying communities in Hertfordshire and finding key people within them helps policing to create bespoke responses through regular and consistent engagement. Anyone – no matter what their background or circumstances – should have trust and confidence in local policing and feel that they can approach the police in times of need and be taken seriously.

Community Advisors

Community advisors are a network of people that are able to represent identified groups or communities, either through group or self-nomination.  Membership is a volunteer commitment and individuals must have an interest in the safety and wellbeing of the group or community that they represent.

People acting as Community Advisors may identify as belonging to a specific ‘protected characteristic’ group, as defined in the  Equality Act 2010. A protected characteristic is an aspect of a person’s identity that makes them who they are.  The ‘protected’ characteristics are:

  • Age
  • Religion or belief
  • Race
  • Disability
  • Sex
  • Pregnancy and maternity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender reassignments
  • Marriage and civil Partnership

Community Advisor membership

As well as representing a protected characteristic group, a member may also be involved in:

  • Local policing priority setting
  • Collaborative problem-solving through Community Voice
  • Advising to help support shaping local policing and in response to critical incidents
  • Reassuring wider communities

This list is not exhaustive.

Who could be a community advisor?

A Community Advisor is someone or a group of people who represent a group or community in their local area. This could be anyone from a teacher or shop keeper, to a church leader, support group, chairperson of a women’s group or a friend of someone who has a disability.

Become a Community Advisor

We are evolving how we work with our Community Advisors to ensure that regular engagement informs people on local policing issues and actively seeks feedback and support.  

If you are interested in representing a group or community in your local area, you can speak to us to find out more. There is no vetting process and any other police checks will be discussed with you first.  Please fill out your details on the form below and someone will be in contact for an informal chat as soon as possible.

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