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Echo: What matters most to you?

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echo is an easy way for you to share your views and opinions about policing in Hertfordshire.

There’s no sign up or personal information needed, simply fill in your comments and press submit.

You can use echo to tell us about the community you live in, what can be done to make the area better and what you think we should be focusing upon to make your community a safer and better to place to live and work.

We believe it’s really important to develop our services by listening to you. Even if you haven’t had any experience of a service provided by us, we still want to hear from you.

How can I send you my views, opinions or feedback?

There are two ways in which you can provide your views, opinions or feedback:

  1. By completing our online form, which has just one question
  2. Sending an SMS text with the word 'echo' and your thoughts to 66099

What information should I include when using echo

Tell us, in your own words, what matters most to you. For example, this could be the local priorities in your community that you think we should focus upon, or maybe you have received a service from us. Whatever matters most to you, we’re always listening.

EchoHandHow long is the survey?

There is only one question and you can tell us in your own words what matters most to you. You don’t have to include your name or identifying details in your text or website submission.

What happens when I send you my views and opinions?

We want to make sure that your voice is heard and listened to.

The more feedback, views and opinions we receive, the better we can understand what matters most to you and your community, where services are working well for you or where we need to improve.

Can I send images, videos or audio files?

No, we cannot receive images, videos or audio files.

Can I use WhatsApp or iMessage to send you my views and opinions?

No. echo only accepts text messages or views and opinions submitted by the web page.

How much will it cost to send you a text?

Each text message you send into us will be charged at your standard network rate. For more information please contact your mobile network provider. Please seek the bill payer's permission.

Can I send you my views and opinions in my own native language?

Yes, echo can translate 95 languages.

I’ve recently called your control room and have received a text message asking for feedback. Is this legitimate?

Yes. If you call our control room to report a crime, incident or in an emergency, you may receive a text message asking for feedback on the service we have provided to you.

The number that we use to send the survey via text to you is +44 (0)7860 010 801.

There is no charge to you to receive our text messages. If you reply back to our survey, standard network charges may apply.

If you agree to participate, you will be asked three short questions. You can opt out at any stage of any future text surveys when calling into the control room by replying to the text message with the word 'STOP'.

You can view our privacy policy online.

Can I use echo to report a crime, incident or ask for emergency assistance?

No. If you or somebody else is in need of help or wish to report a new crime or incident please visit, call 101 or in an emergency dial 999.

How often can I send you my views and opinions?

You can provide your views and opinions as little or as often as you like. We never ask for any personal information, unless of course, you wish to tell us.

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