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Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch is a great way to keep your home and your community safe, as well as help us reduce crime. You can join more than 100,000 households and be part of a scheme now.

Crime is often lower where there are active watch schemes in place. Neighbours can help make communities more secure by looking out for each other, keeping an eye on properties and sharing crime prevention advice.

If you join Neighbourhood Watch you will receive regular local policing updates and alerts from your Safer Neighbourhood Team via email, or by telephone if preferred, using Hertfordshire’s award winning Online Watch Link (OWL) communication system.

The messages will provide you with crime prevention tips and information about how you can help us, for example by looking out for stolen property or helping find missing people. You will also receive invitations to local policing events.

Members can also volunteer to be a street coordinator, looking after a number of homes and acting as a point of contact.

Currently, we can contact around one in six households across the county using the OWL system, but we would encourage more residents to sign up now.

As well as Neighbourhood Watch schemes, there are a number of other watches people can join or set up. These include Business Watch, Rural Watch, Horse Watch, Allotment Watch, Canal Watch, and Dog Watch.

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