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Historical Society volunteers

Police Support Volunteers

Our Historical Society aims to promote us by preserving and recording its rich history.  This is achieved partly through the preservation of Hertfordshire Constabulary related photographs, documents, objects and stories. This enables members of the Constabulary and others to learn about the people and developments which brought us to policing today

The team of volunteers work with the Historical Society Committee on a number of research projects, scanning, cataloguing our hundreds of old photographs, documents and artefacts.

Kitty Moores - Historical Society Police Support Volunteer

What does your role entail?

From initial foraging into the society’s shelves and racks of unknown artifacts, I have now created an organised system whereby items are assigned a unique identifier and are listed on a spreadsheet together with their exact location, so any single item can easily be traced. We currently have around 5,000 artifacts ranging from helmet badges and tunic buttons to iconic blue police station lamps – all of which are now readily accessible. Other tasks involve scanning photographs and documents and uploading them to the Society’s website, changing displays of historical items and helping answer queries for historical information from members of the public or police officers. Sometimes a bit of detective work is required, such as using style of uniform, when trying to identify particular officers in old, undated photographs.

What made you become a volunteer for Hertfordshire Constabulary?

By helping support police officers and staff in their work I think it’s a great way to give back to the community, as well as providing an opportunity to gain new experience.

How long have you been volunteering with the Constabulary? 

Since 2016.

What do you enjoy most about being a volunteer and what does it bring you?

I enjoy being able to give my support, and provide useful (hopefully) assistance, thereby enabling members of staff to work on other projects. I also enjoy meeting new people and I’m always keen to increase my skills base by gaining experience in new areas. With the Historical Society I’ve learned a lot about the changing role and working conditions of police officers over time. In 2017 the Historical Society was fortunate to meet with the great, great granddaughter of Sir Robert Peel – now that’s not something that happens every day!

How do you feel your contribution helps the Constabulary?

By helping preserve the history of the Constabulary it provides a legacy for future generations. In time the Historical Society holdings can be developed into a facility for police officers and staff and their families to enjoy and learn from. I would be pleased to think that I played a part in its evolution.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m retired now from work in scientific research and apart from the Constabulary, I have a few other volunteering roles. These include document conservation at Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies, cataloguing with a local history society and I’m also a local community library volunteer. I’m a keen gardener and enjoy long walks exploring the countryside - my love of baking ensures the latter is a regular occurrence!

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