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How we investigate crime

Once you have a reported a crime to us, there are a number of ways it could be dealt with, but we aim to keep you updated every step of the way.

After you have reported a crime over the telephone, there might be no further lines of proportionate investigation available. If this is the case you will be told straight away.

We will provide you with reference numbers, but you should not expect to hear from us again unless you require further support or services from us, or if the case is solved.

If there are viable lines of enquiry available, or if the incident requires police attendance - such as a burglary or robbery - then an officer will be assigned the case and speak to you in person.

We may need to take statements and obtain other evidence, such as CCTV, witnesses statements or forensic tests.

You will also be told if the crime is to be further investigated or if the case is being closed and the reason why.

Once you have been given a crime or incident number, if you need to speak to us about the matter or if you have any further information you can contact us quoting the reference.

A proportionate investigation is one where the resources used to investigate the matter are relative to the seriousness and solvability of the investigation. We acknowledge that crime or incidents that we might categorise as low level can still have a significant effect on victims and in these circumstances you can still speak with the victim support team.

Viable line of enquiries are where there are solvability factors or lines of enquiries that can be followed, commonly referred to as 'leads'.

Once the crime or incident report has been taken

Once the crime or incident has been reported and you are a victim or witness you can expect a standard of service governed by the victims code.

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