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What to expect from us

We follow a national code of practice for supporting victims of crimes. Below is a list of what victims can expect from our officers and staff. The full code of practice can be accessed in the right hand menu.

We will:

  • Tell you if there is not going to be an investigation into the crime, within five days or at the time of you reporting the crime.
  • Give you a copy of or make sure you have access to the local ‘victims of crime’ leaflet.
  • Refer your details to the voluntary organisation Catch 22, unless you ask us not to.
  • Keep you updated on a monthly basis until the case is closed.
  • Assign you a Family Liaison Officer if you have lost a family member through murder or manslaughter or a road death, and provide you with a support pack.

We offer an enhanced service for victims if they are considered to be vulnerable. A victim may be considered vulnerable if one or more of the following factors apply (please note: this list is not exhaustive and you may require an enhanced service for other reasons):

  • If they are aged 17 or younger.
  • If they have a mental or physical disability or learning difficulty.
  • If they might be subject to victim intimidation.

When will I be updated?

If you receive the standard service:

  1. Within five days following initial contact (this may be at the time of your original call)
  2. Within 28 days from the initial contact and every 28 days thereafter until the crime is finalised unless your crime was finalised at the time of your initial call.

If you receive the enhanced service:

  1. Within 24 hours following initial contact.
  2. Within 10 days of the initial contact.
  3. Within 28 days from the initial contact then every 28 days until the crime is finalised.

Regardless of which service you receive, we will contact you within one day if:

  • Someone is arrested.
  • We release a suspect with no further action being taken.
  • We release a suspect on bail. We will also let you know what, if any, the bail conditions are.
  • We have made a decision in relation to charging a suspect.
  • We have issued any other reprimand to a suspect.

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