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Berkhamsted and Tring - Safer Neighbourhood newsletter - winter 2020/2021

Staying in touch during the pandemic

I lead a team of PCs and PCSOs called the Safer Neighbourhood Team.Sergeant Damien Hewitt

We work to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour in this area.

We are based at Berkhamsted and Tring Police Stations but we also conduct regular patrols and hold socially-distanced surgeries or other events so that residents can continue to raise issues or concerns.

Read on to find out about more ways to stay in touch.

Sergeant Damien Hewitt

 How we are working to keep your neighbourhood safe

Safer neighbourhoods: reducing crime, catching criminals and keeping people safe

Throughout the year, your Safer Neighbourhood Team sets priorities for policing in this area.

These priorities are based on reports or feedback from the public. We then work with our partners, including the local council, to tackle these issues. These priorities are discussed and updated throughout the year at priority-setting events. We advertise these events regularly on social media and OWL.PC Laz Clark visits a beautifully lit Tring Memorial Gardens on his foot patrol route during the town’s Christmas event

You said:

Tackle anti-social behaviour in Butts Meadow and Lagley Meadow, Berkhamsted.

We did:

Residents have reported increased anti-social behaviour in the areas of Butts Meadow and Lagley Meadow, involving young people congregating and creating excessive noise. This was affecting residents’ quality of life so we increased our visits to both locations as part of our regular patrol plan.

We also liaised with schools to ensure the message regarding behaviour was disseminated among
students. A number of the young people involved were identified and we gave them strong words of advice. To date, the number of calls in relation to this issue has noticeably reduced.

You said:

Tackle purse dipping and shoplifting on Berkhamsted High Street.

We did:

Businesses on the High Street had seen an increase in shoplifting and purse dipping incidents, where people were having their wallets and purses stolen from their pockets or bags. In response we increased our regular patrols of the High Street and spoke to business owners and managers to ensure they knew the correct process around reporting an incident, and how best to use CCTV. We carried out an operation reminding members of the public not to leave their bags unzipped with purses or wallets on show. We also worked with stores that had experienced repeated thefts to advise on their security provisions, and to offer closer scrutiny around evidence gathering.

echo - what matters most

echo: What matters most

You can use our community voice platform ‘echo’ to let us know what you think we should be prioritising in your area.

Your feedback will help towards shaping our local policing priorities, plans and campaigns.

OWL - Online Watch Link

OWL: Online Watch Link

Sign up to OWL to receive email updates from local police and Neighbourhood Watch officers about crime and anti-social behaviour in your area.

The updates are free and include relevant crime prevention advice.

  A message from Chief Inspector Craig Flint

I became chief inspector for Dacorum in March 2020, and as such I have overall responsibility for policing in the borough.Chief Inspector Craig Flint

Since becoming chief inspector here I have agreed local priorities for policing in our neighbourhoods, worked with key partner agencies and supported my teams as they tackle crime and anti-social behaviour.

Dacorum is a mixture of urban, market town and rural areas. With this comes often diverse expectations of policing. I am committed to reducing crime and creating an even safer borough for everyone. I am also passionate about local policing that is proactive and visible in our communities, and that uses a problem-solving approach. This means working with partner agencies and the public to prevent crime from occurring in the first place and challenging the root causes of anti-social behaviour and quality of life issues.

Officers tackle Pitstone quarry issues

Pitstone Quarry near Tring has been a hotspot for anti-social behaviour and officers have been working closely with the land owner to address the issue.Special Inspector Richard Downs surveys Pitstone Quarry after he and colleagues moved on several motocross bikers

The site, on the Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire border, has often been targeted by revellers holding unlicensed music events. Several vehicles carrying music equipment and loudspeakers were moved on from the area in the summer.

On another occasion, officers responded to reports of around six motocross bikes being ridden dangerously at the site and using footpaths on occasion, putting those on foot at risk. The Safer Neighbourhood Team attended, identified the riders and discovered that they had in fact travelled from London, despite a nationwide lockdown at the time.

The group were given strong words of advice and an official warning each. These ‘Section 59’ warnings are recorded on the police database for 12 months, and means the subject’s vehicle can be seized by police if they are caught riding or driving in an anti-social manner again in the next year.
Officers also issued a public warning not to visit the site as it can be dangerous.

Your police force working for you

As well as your Safer Neighbourhood Team, there are many more policing teams working in this area, and across the county, to keep you safe.

Our “Intervention” teams respond to emergencies and reports of crime, missing people or other urgent incidents. There is also a detective team who investigate crimes including burglaries.  Volunteer police officers from the Special Constabulary also provide support.

There is also a wide range of countywide specialist teams that work to investigate complex crimes, protect people and pursue offenders.

Collaborated teams such as the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Road Policing Unit and Major Crime Unit work to keep our motorways safe and investigate the most serious crimes. We also work with partners including other police forces and law enforcement agencies to tackle cross-border crimes such as county drug lines and organised crime.

Protecting people from domestic abuse

The pandemic and associated restrictions have brought many challenges to individuals and families.  If home isn't safe, we're here to help.  If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse, call 0300 790 6772* for advice and support.  *In an emergency, always call 999.  If you are afraid to speak, call 999 from a mobile and press 5, 5.  For mo

For people living with domestic abuse, it has been particularly difficult. Many were left feeling more isolated and vulnerable due to the measures. Early reports in lockdown also suggested that perpetrators may be using the restrictions to wield more control over their partners.

As a result we as a force stepped up our response to domestic abuse.  Working with partner agencies, we jointly-launched a social media and advertising campaign to let people know that help and support were available despite the restrictions on daily life.

As well as investigating crimes, our specialist Domestic Abuse Investigation and Safeguarding Unit has helped many people get into safe accommodation or apply for injunctions that will protect them and their families.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse, call 0300 790 6772* for advice and support.

Remember - domestic abuse isn’t just about violence. It can be psychological, sexual or financially controlling behaviour. There’s no need to suffer in silence.

*  This number operates 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.  Calls outside of these hours may be diverted to a national helpdesk.

How to contact us


For general enquiries or to report a crime after the event:

  • Report online.
  • Use our webchat service by clicking on the green button on this website.
  • Call us on 101. (101 calls cost 15p per call but you can call 01707 354000 instead if your call plan includes free calls to 01 numbers).


In an emergency,  always dial 999. An emergency is when:

  • A crime is in progress or a suspect is nearby.
  • Someone is injured, threatened or in immediate danger.
  • There is a risk of injury or serious damage.
  • You need immediate police assistance.

Your Safer Neighbourhood Team

Berkhamsted Police Station   Tring Police Station


Your Safer Neighbourhood Team is based at:Hertfordshire Constabulary: Prevention First

Berkhamsted Police Station
162 High Street


Tring Police Station
63 High Street
HP23 4AB

To contact the team or to make an appointment to speak with them, please email them or call 101.

Social media

Facebook logo - click the image to visit the page  Twitter logo - click the image to visit the page

You can follow local police at:

Other useful local contacts

Protect your money

Action Fraud: National Fraud and Cyber Crime Reporting Centre

Fraudsters continue to target Hertfordshire residents and are becoming increasingly more sophisticated.

Find out how to spot a scam and protect yourself online and offline. If you think you have been the victim of fraud, report via Action Fraud (opens in a new window) or call 0300 123 2040.

We’re recruiting now

If you or someone you know would like to become a police officer, we’re now offering a new educational route into policing, called Policing Education Qualifications Framework (PEQF).

We’re also recruiting police community support officers (PCSOs) and voluntary roles including part-time special constables. Find out about all of our current vacancies.

PCC plans largest force in history of Hertfordshire

Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire, David Lloyd

We all know that 2020 was different, difficult and challenging but the plan to build Hertfordshire’s largest ever police force remains on track.Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire, David Lloyd

Officer numbers in the county are already higher than a decade ago and are on course to increase to 2,314, the highest number ever, by early 2023. At the start of 2020 an overwhelming majority of residents told me they were happy to pay an average of £10-a-year more council tax to support the increase. I hope you are reassured that even after this increase, you continue to pay one of the lowest precept contributions for policing in England and Wales.

Due to the running of an effective and efficient constabulary, I have ensured that Hertfordshire is one of the few counties to maintain a dedicated local policing model. Each of our 10 districts has at least one fully-operational police station, complete with neighbourhood officers and emergency response teams. Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS) has rated policing in Hertfordshire as ‘good’ across all areas including keeping people safe and reducing crime.

Wider work with partner agencies to reduce offending and to deliver on the public’s priorities has been conducted thanks to funding from my Criminal Justice Innovation Fund, Action Fund and Road Safety Fund.

My Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan called “Everybody’s Business” is at the heart of what the constabulary and I do to maintain Hertfordshire as one of the safest counties in the country. I would encourage you all to read it on the PCC website (opens in a new window).

New officers for police stations across Dacorum

was pleased to attend the official reopening of Hemel Hempstead police station in 2020, after approving a £2.5 million modernisation to make it fit for purpose for the next 50 years.Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire, David Lloyd

There are also operational police stations in Berkhamsted and Tring enabling neighbourhood teams to be even closer to their communities. I have ensured that members of the public can contact local
officers by email to report a concern or a crime – contact details are in this newsletter. Or if you prefer, you can make an appointment to speak to them by emailing or calling 101.

Local policing priorities include tackling anti-social behaviour, which has seen more resources put into the Safer Neighbourhood Teams. There has also been an increase in targeted stop and searches to address drugs and youth violence.

I awarded an emergency COVID-19 grant to the South Hill Centre in Hemel Hempstead for a support coordinator for families affected by domestic abuse during lockdown.

Fly tipping has increased in rural areas during the pandemic, but I am pleased that Dacorum Borough Council is signed up to my scheme, which enables those who have rubbish dumped on their land, to have it removed for free.

A local policing priority which we will continue to tackle is speeding vehicles in rural villages. Recently my Road Safety Fund awarded a £75,000 grant for measures in Aldbury, plus additional money for projects in Northchurch and Chipperfield. This year I will take delivery of two new speed-camera enabled road safety vans, which will be deployed to those areas where the community raises

David Lloyd - Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire

Dedicated service for every victim in Hertfordshire

Beacon: Hertfordshire victim centre

In the unlikely event of becoming a victim of crime, it is important to know that you are entitled to support and services.

I am keen to ensure people are aware of their rights and entitlements, while remaining informed on each step of the journey in the aftermath of a crime.

For the past five years Hertfordshire’s Beacon victim care centre has been providing free and confidential advice to support adults and children who have been a victim of crime. They can provide practical and emotional support; advice and information; advocacy and restorative justice (the opportunity to communicate with the perpetrator if appropriate).

Two new specialist units have been created to assist victims of domestic abuse and those suffering from anti-social behaviour. Beacon already has the UK’s first dedicated Fraud Hub who contact every person in the county who has fallen victim to the crime.

Beacon’s services are available to all victims, including those who have chosen not to report the crime to the police. 

The Beacon Helpline is open from Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm and Saturday from 9am to 5pm.


Hertfordshire is a safe place to live and work, but should you ever become a victim of crime then the Beacon team is available to help you. 

Contact the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire

Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire, David Lloyd

To contact the Commissioner or find out more about his work and his new Community Safety and Criminal Justice Plan, visit his website (opens in a new window) or email.

Write to:

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner
Harpenden Police Station
15 Vaughan Road

Or call 01707 806100.

Social media

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You can follow the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire at:

A neighbourhood/community

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