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Heritage Watch

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Protecting the Past


Hatfield HouseHeritage Watch is a scheme which aims to help fight crime and anti-social behaviour at the county’s heritage sites by improving communication between people who live near historical sites, those who take a keen interest in the county’s heritage and the police.


People who live close to historical sites and those who have a real interest in our local history tend to frequent the county’s areas of historical interest more often and are therefore likely to notice anything suspicious or out of the ordinary in these areas.


Join Heritage Watch and as a member you will receive regular updates about any issues at heritage sites in your area. You will also be signed up to Neighbourhood Watches OWL (Online Watch Link) system which will keep you up to date with crimes and police events happening close to where you live.


As a member of Heritage Watch you are asked to:


• Find out where the heritage sites and artefacts are in your community by visiting:

Web Link Historic England


• Know how rich in history your local area is


• Keep an eye out for precious sites and artefacts


• Share this information with others in your local area


• Report any concerns to police via the non-emergency number Telephone 101 or Telephone 999 in an emergency



Web Link

Sign up to Heritage Watch here

Your personal data will be stored securely in Hertfordshire’s Heritage Watch database on the Neighbourhood Watch system OWL (Online Watch Link). You will then be kept up to date regarding heritage crimes and relevant police events happening in your area. You can opt out at any time by contacting your local Watch Liaison Officer via the police non-emergency number Telephone 101.

Heritage Watch