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The Local EnvironmentFly tipping

Hertfordshire Constabulary treats the issue of fly tipping extremely seriously and works with local councils to prosecute anyone caught illegally depositing waste.


Fly tipping, which can range from a single black rubbish bag to multiple loads of construction waste being dumped, can blight areas and seriously impact on the quality of life for people living near by. It can threaten people’s health and the environment, and is costly to clear as well.


Fly tipping carries a fine of £50,000 and a maximum sentence of five years and the local authority is the lead agency in respect of prosecuting incidents of fly tipping.


If incidents of fly tipping are in progress then Police will attend. Otherwise reporting will be to the local authority for their investigation and prosecution support by ourselves.


Web Link For more information on fly tipping, please click here.


Local authority telephone numbers are as follows:


Local Authority Telephone Number
Broxbourne Borough Council 01992 785577
Dacorum Borough Council 01442 867858
East Herts District Council 01279 655261
Hertsmere Borough Council 0208 207 2277
North Herts District Council 0800 3286023
St Albans District Council 0845 125 8000
Stevenage Borough Council 0800 136661
Three Rivers District Council 01923 776611
Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council  01707 357000
Watford Borough Council  01923 278503 
Environment Agency (Police Line)  0845 850 3518


This does not include depositing special waste and other, more serious, offences which amount to notifiable crimes or are covered by The Environmental Protection Act 1990 etc.