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Meet the Head of Beds, Cambs and Herts Public Contact, Detective Superintendent...

Jane Swinburne

Superintendent Jane SWINBURNE 250 - Criminal Justice Department Supt.Jane Joined the Hertfordshire Constabulary in February 1989, starting her career as a uniform Constable in the East of the County.

Jane became a Detective Constable in 1996, working in Welwyn Garden, Hatfield and St Albans.
She served as a uniform Sergeant in Hitchin and then went on to be a Detective Sergeant in Hertford. Jane undertook the role of Detective Inspector in the Eastern and Western areas of the County, after  which she became a Detective Chief Inspector based at Stevenage, again covering the East of the County.

Jane then became a Detective Superintendent in the Community Safety and Crime Reduction department and then went on to become the Head of Serious and Organised Group. In November 2011 Jane became the Head of Criminal Justice and Custody for the Constabulary, before taking up the post of Head of Beds, Cambs and Herts Public Contact.