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Section 60 stop and search powers authorised – Borehamwood

11 Sep 2019

Officers in Borehamwood have been granted authorisation to stop and search members of the public suspected to be carrying knives from 4pm today (Wednesday 11 September) until 2am tomorrow (Thursday 12 September), under Section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994.

The areas that the Section 60 applies to are:

  • Borehamwood Train Station
  • Allum Lane
  • Shenley Road
  • Theobald Street up to Rossington Avenue
  • Green Street up to Kitwells Lodge

A Section 60 temporarily gives additional powers to police officers, which allow them to stop and search anyone in a particular area for a set period of time, without requiring reasonable grounds to do so.

This legislation is different to the stop and search powers they already have, which can be used at any time and – when used – do require reasonable grounds.

Under the Home Office’s best use of stop and search scheme Hertfordshire Constabulary will, where practicable, publicise Section 60s to the public.

Hertsmere Safer Neighbourhood Team Inspector Mark Bilsdon said: “These measures are response to intelligence suggesting that a number of people are carrying knives in certain parts of the town. We have reason to believe those involved in this activity are known to one another.

“There are serious consequences if you choose to carry a knife. Not only will you face a possible custodial sentence and criminal record, which could affect your job prospects in later life, but you could cause yourself or another person serious injury or worse.

“While some people feel pressured to carry a knife, perhaps as protection or because their friends say it will earn them respect or make others fear them, the truth is that it simply puts you in more danger.”

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