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Businesses targeted by burglars in Stevenage

17 Mar 2020

An increase in burglary offences in Stevenage has prompted police to implement strategies to help protect local residents and businesses in the town.

Since 7 February, 19 business premises in the Bedwell area have been targeted, with offenders gaining access via rear doors and taking tills, safes and cash. 

“We have been to visit every business premises in the Bedwell area to give them advice on how to keep their premises secure and gather intelligence to help our investigation,” said Neighbourhood Inspector Pat McPeake. “Unfortunately it is often the small local businesses which make easy targets, but have most to lose.”

"We have been carrying out extra patrols in the area, but are appealing to local residents to be vigilant and to report any suspicious activity immediately.

“We are now starting to see other small businesses across the town being targeted and there has also been a slight increase in residential burglaries over the past weeks, so we would like to remind people of how they can help to protect their homes.

“Make your home unattractive to a thief by giving your home a ‘lived-in’ look, invest in timer switches, doorbell cameras and CCTV and make sure you lock windows and doors, especially at night.

“Please also call 999 if you suspect a burglary may be in progress – this gives us the best chance of catching someone in the act and stopping other people being burgled. If you see any vehicles acting suspiciously, try and note down the registration numbers if you can and call us straight away on 999. Watch out for your neighbours’ properties particularly if you know they are away.”

He added: “It’s a good idea to keep your high-valuable jewellery at a bank, in a safe or in a non-obvious place. Burglars want to be in and out of an address as quickly as possible and don’t want to get caught. Don’t make it easy for them.”

Hertfordshire Constabulary advises:

1. Use a door bell camera, internal camera and/or monitored burglar alarm.

2. Ensure doors are double locked at all times. Keep windows closed and locked.

3. Install ‘dusk to dawn’ external lighting and use timer switches in your home to control internal lights, radios and a simulated TV.

4. Keep keys and valuables secure and out of sight.

5. Ensure boundary fences are secure with side gates locked. Keep tools and ladders in a locked shed.

If you have any information about a burglar or are reporting a burglary retrospectively, call 101. If you suspect a burglary is in progress, call 999. 

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