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Cheshunt shoplifter receives prison sentence and update to Criminal Behaviour Order

3 Dec 2019
  • Fred Stock, aged 37, of Davison Drive Cheshunt has been sentenced to a 24 weeks in prison for shoplifting offences.

  • He has also had his Criminal Behaviour Order extended.

  • Stock appeared at Hatfield Remand Court on Tuesday 3 December.


A repeat shoplifter from Cheshunt has been sentenced to a 24 weeks in prison and had his Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) extended.

CBOs replace Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) on conviction and are issued by a criminal court, to tackle the most persistent individuals who are also engaged in criminal activity.

Fred Stock, aged 37, of Davison Drive, appeared at Hatfield Remand Court today (Tuesday 3 December) and pleaded guilty to three shoplifting offences and one of resisting arrest.

These offences occurred at the Brookfield Centre on Monday (2 December).

An update to his existing Criminal Behaviour Order, which runs until 18 November 2021, now states:

  • He must not touch any vehicle unless owned by himself, except when in the presence of the registered owner of said vehicle and invited by said owner to touch/enter the vehicle, save for public transport/taxi/private hire vehicles whilst using said vehicle.
  • He must not be on foot within the Borough of Broxbourne between the hours of midnight and 6am except when alighting a vehicle directly outside a residential address and entering said address without loitering.
  • He is not allowed to enter the Brookfield Centre, Cheshunt.

Detective Sergeant Adam Bridges, of the Broxbourne Local Crime Unit, said: “Fred Stock has a history of committing crime in the area and this custodial sentence will now see him spend the Christmas period in prison.

“The original CBO was issued as Stock has targeted insecure vehicles in the area, the update to his CBO reflects the shoplifting crimes he has now been sentenced for.

“I would like to remind the public to keep their vehicles locked when they are unattended, not to leave items on show and not to keep valuable items inside.”

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