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Closure Order secured on Hitchin property

9 Aug 2018
  • Police have secured a Closure Order on a property in Milestone Road in Hitchin.

  • It bans anyone from entering the address for three months.

  • Anyone who breaches this will be arrested and could face prison, a fine, or both.

  • The action comes after reports of anti-social behaviour and drug related activity.

A Closure Order has been secured on a property in Hitchin after the local Safer Neighbourhood Team and Settle Housing Association took action against those involved in anti-social behaviour and crime.

The Closure Order was granted under the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 at Stevenage Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, August 8 and excludes all people from entering the property in Milestone Road for three months. Should any unauthorised person enter the premises they will be arrested, which may result in imprisonment, a fine of up to £5000, or both.

The property was being investigated by police following complaints from local residents about people using the address in an anti-social manner. Reports had been received relating to drug related activity and rowdy behaviour.

Safer Neighbourhood Sergeant Steve Oliphant said: “The closure order is just part of a long running multi-agency investigation into the behaviour of those using this address. It was sought following numerous complaints from concerned residents who were affected by the behaviour of the occupant and their associates.

“The evidence we were able to provide was significant and despite three young children living with their mother, the tenant of the property, the Magistrates had no option but to issue the Closure Order. It is not a decision that we took lightly, but despite trying to work with the tenant for some 12 months, matters continued to deteriorate. Partner agencies are continuing to work with the family.

“I hope this sends out a very clear message to others who engage in ASB and related crime, and who think that by having their young children at the address, this will protect them from being excluded from their home. We will continue to work to protect and safeguard our communities and use the legislation available if we need to.

“We hope this action will provide local residents with some respite from the on-going issues. We take reports like this very seriously and along with our partners, have worked extremely hard to gather evidence to support the application.”

“I would continue to urge members of the community to report any anti-social behaviour of this nature to the police.”


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