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Looking to recuit a new chaplain for police headquarters

2 Dec 2019
  • A new chaplain is being sought for Herts Police headquarters.

  • Police chaplains are volunteers who support officers and staff.

  • If interested email to find out more.

We are currently looking to recruit a new police chaplain to support our staff at police headquarters in Welwyn Garden City.

Police chaplains are a group of volunteers that represent many different faiths. They provide support and pastoral care to police officers and staff that work for Hertfordshire Constabulary, regardless of their faith or religious belief. Over time a police chaplain will become a familiar and trusted friend. 

As a police chaplain you will get to know police officers and staff by conducting at least two visits per month to police stations in your district. These visits will last for an hour or two and give you the opportunity to get to know the staff and learn more about them and their work.

In addition to your visits you will also be expected to attend a minimum of two other events per year, such as chaplain’s meetings, conferences or training events, which are held at headquarters. 

We welcome applications from people of all faiths and none, who are sensitive to the needs of others and capable of providing impartial and confidential support.

Those interested should currently be, or have been, involved in ministry, leadership or mentoring roles.

If you are interested please contact Penny Brown on 01707 354427 or email to register your interest and find out more about this fun and challenging role.


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