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Police investigate copper piping thefts from residential homes

6 Feb 2020

Police in Stevenage are investigating a series of copper gas pipe thefts from the outside of properties in the town.

The thefts have been happening since 14 January and are mainly taking place in the Pin Green areas surrounding Hampson Park and more recently in the Martins Wood and St Nicholas areas.

Offenders are cutting the pipes at ground level near to the meters and then ripping or cutting away as much piping as can be reached. This results in home losing their gas supply meaning no heating and often no cooking functions.

Neighbourhood Sergeant Duncan Hall who is investigating said: “This action represents a significant health and safety risk and I am particularly appalled by the manner in which the offenders are risking the safety of the public just to steal a few pounds of scrap metal.

“We are keen to hear about anyone you may think is involved in buying or selling used copper pipes and are asking residents to keep their eyes open for anyone acting suspiciously around the outside of flat blocks or houses. If you suspect someone is taking pipes from the walls of properties call police on 999 immediately.”

Anyone with any information should contact Sergeant Hall via email or by calling the non-emergency number 101.

You can also report information online at  or via online web chat.  

If a crime is in progress or someone’s life is in danger, call 999 immediately.

Alternatively you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or report information online

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