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Police officer thanked for saving man’s life

12 Apr 2019
  • Michael Buzzacott collapsed in the Campus West car park on Tuesday, February 12

  • PC Jordan Willett attended the scene and immediately commenced CPR

  • Michael has visited Hatfield Police Station to thank PC Willett in person

A police officer has been thanked after saving a member of the public’s life in Welwyn Garden City.

At around 8pm on Tuesday, February 12, Michael Buzzacott and his wife were walking back to their car in the Campus West car park after visiting the cinema. Michael suddenly collapsed and became unresponsive. His wife called out for help and passers-by phoned for an ambulance.

At the time, PC Jordan Willett from the Intervention Team was on patrol in the area as part of the street triage service which sees police officers crewed with a mental health nurse and sometimes a paramedic. The crew received a call from the ambulance service alerting them to the incident that was unfolding.

They attended the scene straight away and found a member of the public attempting CPR. Despite their best efforts, the CPR did not appear to be working. While the paramedic collected the essential equipment from the vehicle, PC Willett took over and started more vigorous chest compressions.

It was clear that Michael’s heart had stopped beating for a number of minutes and there was no pulse.

PC Willett continued CPR and his heart started beating again. Eventually, Michael was able to start breathing on his own. By this point, an ambulance had arrived and Michael was taken to hospital where he was placed in an induced coma. He awoke a few days later and is now fit and well.

Once Michael was discharged from hospital and feeling better, he contacted the police to ask if he could speak to the officer who saved his life.

He said: “I would just like to say thank you and speak to the man who administered CPR on me. He single-handedly saved my life and I would just like to have the opportunity to say thank you. If the officer can call me I would be extremely grateful to say thank you to the man who saved my life.”

PC Willett’s Sergeant, Barry Eldridge took the call and invited Michael in to meet PC Willett in person.

Last Friday (April 5), Michael was welcomed to Hatfield Police Station where he was reunited with PC Willett. He was full of praise for PC Willett’s efforts and said that without him, he wouldn’t be here today.

PC Willett said: “I was only a few minutes away when the call was received. As soon as I arrived I could see a crowd gathered around Mr Buzzacott. My instant reaction was to check for signs of life and commence CPR. I continued CPR until eventually we got a pulse back. Within 15 minutes he had gone from having no pulse to being able to breathe on his own.

“I have been very fortunate to meet a man who was effectively deceased when I saw him last. I am happy that I have been able to help him continue to enjoy the rest of his life with no long-lasting effects. It’s clear he has a good sense of humour – we were speaking about his recent golfing visit and said ‘the only problem is you broke my sternum!’

“It was a pleasure to meet Mr Buzzacott again in better circumstances and I am grateful for his time and efforts to share his story.”

Sgt Barry Eldridge added: “I am very proud of PC Willett’s actions on that day. Despite other officers arriving at the scene and offering to take over, PC Willett wouldn’t give up and was determined to save Mr Buzzacott.

“All police officers are first aid trained and this is a fine example of the importance of that.”


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