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Pupils educate speeding drivers in Hertford Heath

8 Apr 2019
  • Pupils from Hertford Heath primary took part.

  • Nine drivers were spoken to about excess speed.

  • The operation was held as part of the Mini Police scheme.

School children from East Herts helped police to educate speeding drivers during a traffic operation on Friday (April 5).

The pupils from Hertford Heath primary participated as part of the Mini Police scheme, which is currently running at their school.

They joined officers from the East Herts Rural Safer Neighbourhood Team to monitor vehicles travelling along London Road. During the course of an hour, nine drivers were stopped and spoken to by the children, who had also written letters to hand out, about the dangers of exceeding the speed limit.

Mini Police is a fun and interactive volunteering opportunity for children aged between 9 and 11 and sees them support their local force through participation in community events. The programme aims to build trust with communities, promote responsible citizenship and help young people establish an interest and understanding in policing and community safety.

Thirty one children at Hertford Heath primary are six weeks into the eight-week programme and have already learnt about anti-social behaviour, road safety, bullying and cyber safety.

PCSO Deborah Mead, who has been leading the programme at the school, said: “Mini Police is a fantastic scheme which allows us to engage with the younger members of our community in a fun and informative way.

“The sessions have been extremely well received by the children and they particularly enjoyed Friday’s operation. I hope it encourages drivers to think about their speed when travelling near schools.”

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