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Hertfordshire Constabulary support national mobile phone campaign

9 Mar 2020

Hertfordshire Constabulary is reminding the public not to use their mobile phones while driving or face a minimum £200 fine and six points on their license.

The warning comes as the NPCC launches its mobile phone campaign this month, which will see officers targeting motorists using handheld devices while behind the wheel. 

Chief Inspector Jon Roche, Head of Roads Policing for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire said: “Using a handheld device while driving means taking your concentration and your eyes off the road. That’s incredibly dangerous and puts you and other road users at significant risk. Our message is don’t do it. Wait until you reach your destination or make sure you park safely first.”

Last year more than 1,100 people across Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire were caught using their mobile phones while driving. The majority of offenders were men (80%) and over half (59%) were aged between 20 and 39.

534 of these offenders were caught in Hertfordshire.

People who have passed their driving test within the past two years and are caught using their phone will automatically be disqualified from driving and need a re-test with the DVLA. The penalties for using a mobile phone while driving can be higher if a case goes to court.

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