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Thieves target North Hertfordshire beauty spots

15 May 2019
  • Cars parked at North Herts beauty spots targeted by thieves.

  • Windows smashed to access bags left in cars whilst owners are out walking.

  • Police advise motorists to take all personal belongings with them.

With the warm spring weather finally upon us more people are venturing out into the beautiful North Herts countryside to enjoy some of the stunning scenery the area has to offer.

Unfortunately the countryside is also a draw for thieves who are looking to explore what’s on offer in vehicles parked up at some of the areas beauty spots.

“A spike in the weather often leads to a spike in acquisitive crime, particularly theft from vehicles,” explained PCSO Heather Burrows from the North Herts Safer Neighbourhood Team. “So far cars parked in Pirton, Preston and Hexton have been targeted. In each case bags containing wallets were left in the vehicles and in one case a card was later used fraudulently in Luton.

“If you are planning on getting out and about in our beautiful countryside, please take all of your belongings with you. Never leave your purse or wallet in your vehicle, even if it is concealed in your boot. Be mindful of your surroundings and always report any suspicious activity.

More crime prevention advice 

  • On Sunday May 12 between 2.30pm and 3.30pm a handbag was taken from a car parked on the B655 – Pirton Road in Hitchin. Thieves smashed a window whilst the owners were off walking. A bank card was later used in Luton.
  • On Sunday May 12 between 7pm and 8pm a car parked on the Hexton Road in Lilley had the passenger window smashed whilst the owners were walking in the nature reserve. A rucksack was taken from the boot containing a wallet and some cash
  • On Monday May 13 a car parked in Preston between 12.45pm and 2pm had a window smashed and a bag was taken from the vehicle.

If you witness any suspicious behaviour around parked vehicles or believe a crime is in process please call 999 immediately.



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