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What 3 Words competition – Welwyn Hatfield

8 Oct 2019
  • The competition is running as part of Rural Crime Week.

  • It is being run to help increase awareness of What 3 Words.

  • The app could help save valuable time during an emergency.

As part of Rural Crime Week 2019 (October 6-13), the Welwyn Hatfield Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) is running a competition to help promote the What 3 Words service.

What 3 Words is an app which helps people to pinpoint their exact whereabouts in an area which may be difficult to describe, such as a remote location.

The free app divides the world into 3m x 3m squares, each with a unique three-word address. In an emergency, when giving your accurate location is crucial, this three-word address could be the easiest way to communicate exactly where help is needed, so emergency services can find you quickly.

To help show how the app works, the SNT is running a competition where people will have the chance to win prizes including an Amazon voucher and What 3 Words merchandise.

To take part you need to:

  • Work out the 12 local locations from the clues given below.
  • Answer the question associated with that location.
  • Use the What 3 Words app to work out the three word address of the exact location. One of the words has already been given to you in bold.

All answers should be emailed to PCSO Samantha Griffin by the closing date of Thursday 31 October. The winner will then be chosen at random.

Good luck!


1 This Saint of the Ayots prayed he didn’t want to MISS the Saturday post.
What is the time after ‘Saturday’?

2 This was a good SPOT(s) to have a bath back in Roman times
What is the third word on the sign on the gate?

3 This museum has a good RATING on Trip Advisor, you can even stop off and give your horse a drink.
You will find an item here; what date was it moved to that location?

This Prime Minister was VOTED in three times in Great Britain and Ireland and has now turned to stone and sits watching the commuters coming in.
Which year did he die?

5 This rural neighbourHOOD in the shadow of St Mary’s Church remembers those that fought for this country.
What is the first line on the front of this which you will find behind the second wreath?

6 It won’t COST a lot at this enlightening public house in Essendon for a drink, you can park in the car park or out the front.
What colour is the sign by the door?

7 I am ASKING that you remember those that gave their life for their country, this memorial near Welham Green shows those who fell in WW1 and WW2.
What is the surname of the person listed at the bottom which faces the path?

8 ENTRY is easy and there are several routes to take to this great wood, look for the sign to show you the way around.
Can you tell me according to the sign which animal/bird you may find here?

9 If you DESIRE to get in touch with your spiritual side, visit this church in Northaw open the gates and step in.
What three items are situated on the green in front of this church?

10 If you go down to the (Gobions) wood today, it would be a great IDEA to do some exercise whilst the little ones play.
What is the fourth line on the sign on the notice board that shows a drone?

11 You can AFFORD to go to this local beauty spot in Hatfield with lots of wildlife to admire, follow the path from entrance at the Curly Wurly Bridge.
How many yards does the sign say it is to the top?

12 It’s half TERM, the Railway Children are waiting to catch the ghost train from Hatfield to St Albans.What are the three letters on the red buckets?

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