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PCSOs are a visible foot patrolling representative of law and order, providing public reassurance and to assist with the prevention of crime and disorder within the community, complementing the work of police officers by focusing on lower level crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour.

They were introduced to policing in 2003 and have since become an integral and valuable part of Safer Neighbourhood Teams.


• carry out high visibility foot or cycle patrol providing reassurance and helping to increase feelings of safety

• complement, but do not replace, other police resources

• maximise contact and maintain close links across communities

• act as a tactical resource for Community Safety Partnership, other funding partners and police to reduce crime, nuisance and anti-social behaviour.

• reduce crime, fear of crime, gather intelligence and are actively involved in local problem- solving

• carry out enforcement activity against low level nuisance and anti-social behaviour

PCSOs have various policing powers including issuing fixed penalty notices for some anti-social behaviour and obstructive or dangerous parking.  Click here for more details.

PCSOs are recruited from a wide range of backgrounds bringing a diversity of experience to the Constabulary.

Many people have the skills and ability to contribute towards making Hertfordshire a safer county but would not want or be able to become a police officers.  The creation of PCSOs has allowed the Constabulary to tap into this pool of talent.